Let yourself be drawn into the secrets of wood and make your wooden dream come true.

Welcome to La Wooden

My philosophy is a combination of craftsmanship and knowledge of materials combined in a unique and exclusive authentic product. Each piece is made to measure, exactly according to the customer's wishes. This means that no two products will ever be made identical. This gives each carved product its timeless and exceptional look and value to its owner. Explore the mysteries of forest and wood in the form of carvings, lamps and other products.

What characterizes me?

I will create a graphic design of your idea and then work with the approved visual. For example, various sculptures of forest and mythical animals, people or flora can serve as references.

Handmade statues and lamps

Handmade workmanship guarantees the originality of each piece.

Selection of rare woods

I offer a wide selection of local or exotic woods.

Made in Czech Republic

The carvings are created in a small village called Kuks.


I specialize in crafting custom wood sculptures, bringing sketches to life through meticulous production. My focus ranges from small sculptures and lamps to larger interior installations, tailored to your vision with limitless creative possibilities.

Custom carving

The final form of your order depends only on you and your imagination.

Graphic designs

I create graphic designs especially for lamps or statuettes.

Professional approach

The entire production is documented and consulted with the customer.

Quality guarantee

Ensuring quality of the products and surface finish is my priority.

Do you want to please with an unusual and original handmade gift and you don't know what to do? I will help you, advise you and create a gift that will pleasantly surprise you.


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    I am the proud owner of this masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful work and in fact I think it's even prettier in person. Thanks for the precise work in accuracy to my vision!

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    We have the deer at home. When I saw the lamps for the first time, it was love at first sight. And you just have to have that at home! I'll definitely be ordering more because it's such a feast for the eyes I can't resist. I definitely recommend it. The gentleman is wonderful to talk to and does everything according to customer's wishes.

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    I have to say that it looks even better in person (with my own eyes and touch) than in photos. Once again thank you for the great attitude and communication during the realization.

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    The carving looks beautiful not only in photos but also in person and it really is a piece of art. I have to admit that even considering the requirements I had, I would say that Lada is capable of making anything. I really liked the cooperation and communication!

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    Thanks so much for the beautiful work, lightning fast delivery and perfect communication!

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