Who stands behind La Wooden?


"An ordinary boy with a great love for wood"

Behind the brand La Wooden is me, Lada. I come from the small village of Kuks, best known for its baroque hospital building. Since childhood, I've been deeply attracted to art, primarily drawing and painting. However, over time, these interests no longer fulfilled me. This led me to seek a hobby that would last a lifetime. That's how I discovered wood.

My grandfather and great-grandfather have been huge inspirations to me since I was young. Both were tinkerers at heart and soul, and I took every opportunity to create anything they allowed me to. They passed on countless experiences, which I gradually uncovered and used to make my very first table. Realizing I wasn't entirely useless, I began experimenting with the milling machine. That was the beginning of everything. I first learned the basics of carving. After creating a few sculptures and small wooden decorations, I wanted to take my work in a specific direction. I aimed to bring a certain elegance to my woodworking, which led me to the idea of making lamps. It wasn't easy, and several months passed before I began the actual work. However, I was motivated by the belief that nothing could better highlight the beauty of wood and sculpture on my scale.

It's been a while since my first commission, but the joy and excitement of customers when they see the carving in person for the first time never tire me. I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries of what I can do and view new commissions as challenges to further develop my skills.

I hope my grandfathers up above are proud of me.